Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. When and what was the first Crazy Coffin?
A1. One day, a lady knocked on the door. This lady had a half-built coffin in the back of her van. It was in the form of an aeroplane fuselage. She asked us to finish it off. Other people got to hear about this and a trickle of orders came in. The Sun picked up the story and ran it across the whole of Page 3. The Sun used the term "Crazy Coffins". That's how the name Crazy Coffins was born.

Q2. How many Crazy Coffins are made and sold?
A2. The interest in our coffins grows year on year. Even so, many customers after discovering the lead times and cost involved, prefer one of our simpler options. There again, quite a few crazy coffins are sold to people who, although presently active and fit, want to have a coffin ready and waiting. It is always an option to order your coffin "pre need" giving us many months or even years to complete your perfect coffin and either store it or deliver it in advance of your needs.

Q3. Do we have a range of Crazy Coffins?
A3. Not currently. We tend to build all of our crazy coffins to order from the ground up. The customer says exactly what they want and we make every effort to ensure as little compromise as possible. When someone wants a Ferrari, they don't usually want any old Ferrari. They have a precise model in mind, a specific colour or even a favourite team. They do the thinking - they always know what they want.

Q4. What do Crazy Coffins cost?
A4. It really depends on what the client wants. It's partly dependant on how quickly it's needed (if you want a piece quickly, it'll probably require lots of overtime working) and partly upon the complexity of the shapes that we have to create. A coffin shaped like a particular motorcar may set you back a considerable amount (ranging in the thousands of pounds), but a simplified football boot may only cost you several hundred pounds. The more elaborate and detailed the designs, the more it is likely to cost.

gallery bench coffin

Q5. Is there any Crazy Coffin you can't make?
A5. Not really, we try to fulfil everyone's wish. A difficult challenge would have been a glass casket for a sleeping beauty coffin and the client pulled out but maybe one day? Given the time to manufacture, all things are possible.

Q6. What kind of people buy Crazy Coffins?
A6. Young and old are now thinking about their funeral and how they want to be buried or cremated. How should they make their final journey and how should they celebrate their lives? Income does not determine the type of person that will buy a Crazy Coffin, however lifestyle, hobbies and interests might.

Q7. What materials are used?
A7. Our coffins are made from a diverse range of materials. All of the materials are from sustainable timbers and our finishes are solvent free.

Q8. Do you have a catalogue?
A8. We do have catalogues, which are born from our exhibition work, but our products are bespoke and we prefer clients to express their own thoughts and ideas.

Q9. Storage?
A9. Some clients request that we store their coffin for them, some take them home and use them as a piece of furniture. When storing clients coffins we are often allowed to use them in exhibitions plus "their story". We presently do not charge for storage.

Canal Boat coffin