About us

Crazy Coffins brings together a small team of joiners, designers and artists, who for twenty years have been hand-producing coffins which no-one else has been willing to make.

The team has built coffins as boats, guitars, ballet shoes and even as pieces of luggage. Coffins to be buried, cremated or simply kept in the house.

Each coffin is hand-built and bespoke. Each one has been individually commissioned and ordered; not one is supplied off the shelf.

These coffins are practical, realistic yet hinting at theatre and art. So they have been exhibited widely as well - from London's Southbank via Switzerland's design museum to the fashion world of Turin.

If you are a grieving partner, a bereaved family or simply someone planning ahead, do please get in touch. Our team, whose members normally assemble dozens of conventional coffins each day, can weary of production-line working. So they will be delighted to discuss and advise.

The images on this website will show you what they can do.


Starship Enterprise urn

Images of our coffins and urns.


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Latest Work

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VW Golf Mk1 urns + vehicles
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Mercedes Van urns + vehicles
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Luggage urn
Luggage coffins + other
Yacht Urn
Yacht urns + vehicles
Tango 1 coffins + vehicles
Enterprise 2
Enterprise 2 urns + vehicles
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