Canal Boat

The first canal boat was ordered by a narrow-boat enthusiast, who loved it so much, he decided to keep it in his living room!
His wife shared his tastes, and he agreed to make her a narrow boat coffin of her own to match.

canal boat coffin

Yamaha Keyboard

This coffin order came via a funeral director, so all we can surmise is that a musician wished to depart his life in a favourite keyboard.

yamaha keyboard coffin

The Sled

It was an ancient practice to bury treasured possessions and even tools in the grave. With this replica of a Laplander's sled, Richard Mullard has created his own coffin that will enable him to be buried wearing his skis as if on a final expedition into the frozen north.

sled coffin


Designed by Liam Mallin, Fine Arts graduate of Loughborough University, to present a holistic map of the body's invisible pathways, or 'meridians', through which a person's lifeforce, or 'chi' can flow freely from this world to the next.


Sports Bag

Requests for coffins painted in football colours or emblazoned with a favourite supporter's scarf or mascot are not unusual. A recent commission specified a coffin in the shape of a golf bag. While the company's designers were experimenting, they came up with the idea of making a luxurious sports bag coffin in homage to Louis Vuitton.

sports bag coffin

The Wicker Man

The sixties cult film "The Wicker Man" is the reference point to this design by Richerd Mullard.
However, the resonance is altogether gentler and atuned to nature. Burial in wicker coffins is now well established among those seeking an (ecological) alternative to standard coffins. Paul Weir, a professional basket maker, from Bedfordshire, has remade "The Wicker Man" using traditional methods found in English basketry.

wicker man coffin

The Iron Man

Anthony Gormley's iconic sculpture 'The Angel of the North' stands astride near the A1 road in Gateshead, leading from England to Scotland. Richard Mullard designed this coffin in homage to that piece.

iron man coffin

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