This commission was an affectionate farewell and tribute to a time traveller departing to the unknown.
There was a notice painted onto the police box, explaining that it was for public use and bearing the legend,'Philip, still bringing us sunshine.'

tardis coffin

Gallery Bench

Amy Rayner, Fine Arts graduate, sees the coffin as a welcome seat for exhibition visitors, or as a familiar article of furniture with perhaps a toy, a hat, a schoolbag casually placed on it. In time of bereavement mourners will be comforted by the thought that their loved one is secure in a domestic setting, part of the fabric of every day life.

gallery bench coffin

Viking Boat

The Viking ship was inspired by the Norwegian Osberg ship, and commissioned by a lady who had long been considering being buried at sea. The clinker-built prow of the Osberg ship is suggested by the paint work. The original ship carried the symbolism of the raven god Odin.

viking boat coffin

The Ballet Shoe

This coffin was commissioned by Mrs Pat Cox, nurse and music teacher, who's lifelong passion was ballet. Mrs Cox has told us that she is arranging her funeral service around the ballet 'La Fille Malgardée'

ballet shoe coffin

The Egg

The egg shape was commissioned by a woman who wished to be cremated in the foetal position. Since the egg is also a symbol of birth and regeneration, it is a fitting vehicle to celebrate the passing of one generation to another. This coffin was made using solid elm.

egg coffin

The Kite

Ivan Fox, boat-owner, enjoyed watching people flying their kites by the sea-side. One day the thought dawned on him, "We come into this life attached by a cord, and we fly up to heaven, attached by a chord."

Kite coffin

The Corkscrew

This coffin was made as a compliment to the City of Cork, on the occassion of the "Crazy Coffins" exhibition there. The Corkscrew also recommends itself as a departure point for a wine connoisseur.

corkscrew coffin

The Guitar

The family of a teenage boy, killed in a domestic accident, chose to bury him in a replica of the guitar he loved so well.

guitar coffin

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